Fandom 101

November 25, 2015

“They didn't get the friendships that formed, the community of people who shared in your same joy.” ― Goldy Moldavsky, Kill the Boy Band

Welcome to the Pocket Lint and Other Things(or P.L.O.T.) blog! Here at PLOT we are a part of many fandoms. What is that you ask? A fandom is a community of fans for a particular work or medium. Some fandoms have names, Whovians(Doctor Who fans). Fandoms can be broad, Otaku(anime fans), or specific, Pine-Nuts(Chris Pine fans). Some of the most popular include Trekkies, Potterheads, and the Game of Thrones fandom. Let us know which fandoms you subscribe to in the poll below. 

Expanding the story

Writing fanfiction is a popular activity among fandoms. This opens up the story an infinate amount. Especially when canon material has an end. For the most part you are using someone else's creation without their permission. So if you are going to write fanfiction it's considered polite to add a disclaimer denying all ownership to the source material.   The canon is the set law for the fanfiction. This includes the works the fandom is based on as well as fanon, which is information not covered in the canon but accepted as truth by the fandom. You may see a character referred to as a Mary Sue. This term describes a female character who is over-idealized or  favored by the author. They have exotic looks and name, skills that are rare or nonexistent in the canon material, and no character flaws. The male version is Marty/Gary Stu.

Breaking From the Story

There are times when fanfic does not follow the rules set by the canon. These fanfics are usually labelled AU(alternate universe). They follow a timeline separate from the canon material. The most notable changes happen when a character dies or survives, when they didn't in canon. Also when they appear in settings different from the canon material. Now when characters from two or more fandoms meet in a fanfic it is a crossover. One more distinct genre is PWP, "Plot? What Plot?" or porn without plot. These fanfics offer little to no plot and are erotica. This also applies to fanart, drawings of works the artist admires. 

Playing Matchmaker

You know how sometimes you want two of your friends to get together? In a fandom this is a pairing, or ship. 'Ship' can be used both as a noun, the pair in the relationship, and as a verb, to 'ship' the pair. Now if you believe there is only one relationship possible for a set of characters this is an OTP, one true pairing. When the relationship is homosexual in nature it's called slash(for male/male) and femslash(for female/female). The name comes from the '/' used to seperate the names, and the first name usually designates the dominant in the relationship. Slash can also be a noun and a verb.

Bringing Fiction to Life

Being a fandom online is fun and all but people like to meet in real life at big meet ups called Cons, or conventions. These Cons are generally focused around particular types of fandom, such as anime, sci-fi or comic books. If you go to a Con there is going to be cosplay. Cosplay refers to the hobby of creating a costume based on a character from a fandom and wearing it, and to the costume itself.

This is a basic explanation of fandoms and is a primer before you join a fandom. I feel the need to warn you, the fandom will change you. How much depends on the fandom and how far down the rabbit hole you go. And always remember, let the feels flow through you. Congratulations! You are on your way to being a fangirl/fanboy. Let us know which fandoms you are a part of in the poll below or leave a comment if you don't see your fandom on the poll.

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