It is a smartly designed hair strainer for your bathroom drain that snares the hair and prevents it from getting clogged.
TubShroom assures you a smart and simple way to avoid your bathroom drains from getting clogged because of hair. You know it is a common problem and can become the bane of your existence because there’s hair everywhere when you have a bath. TubShroom promises to offer you an efficient way around this problem. 

Snares all hair, conceals trapped hair

To begin with, you will be pleased to find that TubShroom can be installed quickly and easily without any new tools or professional help. Importantly, it stresses that it can snare all types of hair; from straight to curly, long to short and even pet hair. It emphasizes on the fact that it snares every single hair every time you shower. With TubShroom you won’t see the trapped hair till you take it out to clean, which can be done quite quickly.   

No more clogged drains in the house

If clogged drains due to trapped hair have become a problem in your house then you can heave a sigh of relief. TubShroom ensures that that there are no more clogs or hard to clean messes. Moreover you won’t have to work with dangerous chemicals that can damage your pipes. TubShroom asserts that it’s the only hair strainer you will need because it fits in any standard tub drain. 
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