Replica Musical Instruments Orchestras

If you're a real music lover, musician, or know someone who plays music and enjoys the finer things in life, then you need one of these exquisite mini musical instruments replicas! This makes the perfect gift for fans of music every where. 

These are made of wood or copper, depending on the instrument. They have a nice size and weight to them. The instruments fit in the palm of your hand. The replicas don't miss any detail. The soft red inside, hardwood outside, and even the bronze buckels of the case. You even get a little stand for your instrument!

This gift is what you just needed for the empty space on your desk at home or in the office! It makes a great conversation piece if you put it out in your as well. Tell people exactly what you are about without even saying or a playing a note or chord. Imagine the look on the face of your special someone when they receive this. Perfect for gifts to students, parents, grand children, or even your self :) Please look through all the pictures to see all the details of the item your are interested in purchasing.

BTW, buy an entire orchestra... it'll look awesome :))

Please allow up 7 business days for processing (we actually do assemble these by hand) and 2-3 weeks for your item to arrive once the order is shipped. 

Note on shipping: 70% of items arrive with in 3-4 weeks. 25% of items arrive with in 4-6 weeks. 5% of items arrive in 7 weeks.

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