Teayason Hair Mascara

New School year new you? Maybe someone trying to make a statement? More of a trendsetter? Regardless who you are you need this today!! Dye your hair with our ultra lux, non-toxic, environmentally safe temporary Hair Mascara! The Hair Mascara comes in 12 Colors. 

Its perfect for a night on the town to match your party dress. Feel free to add some color to your pets ears. Cover white hairs with precision. Test new colors with zero commitment. The Hair Mascara generally lasts for about 72 hours, depending on your hair. 

For best results use multiple layers for a more vibrant color. Use less for lighter hair.

Note on shipping: 70% of items arrive with in 3-4 weeks. 25% of items arrive with in 4-6 weeks. 5% of items arrive in 7 weeks.

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